Lumbar Sacral Osteoarthritis – Symptoms and Treatment Options

For people who suffer from pain in their lower back and who are not able to move freely, there is a third option out there: lumbar sacral orthosis braces. Both of these types of orthoses have been designed to support your lower back’s musculoskeletal structure, so as to help with pain relief or recovery for a number of different conditions. Lumbar sacral braces are generally made from a soft flexible material or a hard rigid material, depending upon your needs of the appliance. These bracelets are also known as either a lumbar pillow a back brace or a physio brace, and they are often used to help prevent injuries occurring in the back region.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Lumbar Sacral Osteoarthritis – Symptoms And Treatment Options

lumbar sacral orthosis

One of the most common causes of lumbar sacral osteoarthritis is spondylolysis. Spondylolysis is a gradual wear and tear of the vertebrae, which in turn can cause a breakdown in the vertebrae’s integrity. This can occur in the form of arthritis, because it causes the bones in the spine to become susceptible to wear and tear. Other causes of spondylolysis may be due to an accident or injury, spinal stenosis, tumors, and herniated discs. When the vertebrae becomes more delicate as a result of this change, then it is more susceptible to damage from friction. Spinal spondylosis is known as a type of progressive disease, where the condition worsens as time progresses.

To treat the condition, your doctor will recommend that you wear a brace around your waist, which is called a back brace, or lumbar sacral orthosis. This brace will help to keep the vertebrae from rubbing against each other. You will also be prescribed several medications, which your physician will determine to be best for your specific case. These medications will help to reduce the stiffness and pain in your spine, and will eventually lead to the restoration of normal spinal function. These medications are not always necessary, but sometimes they are recommended as a treatment option to help achieve pain relief. If you are suffering from lumbar sacral osteoarthritis, you should discuss all treatment options with your doctor, so that you can decide if medication is right for your situation.

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