What Are Attachment Disorders in Children?

what are attachment disorders

When you’re concerned that your child is not building trusting relationships, it is important to see a therapist. Even adults who have unresolved trauma from their childhood can have trouble forming close, healthy relationships as well.

A child may have what are attachment disorder issues if they experienced maltreatment from a parent, had a caregiver with mental health problems during pregnancy or post-partum, spent time in an institution like an orphanage, or was removed from their parents due to parental imprisonment, drug abuse, or domestic violence. They may also have a hard time forming connections with their adoptive parents or other family members.

Understanding Attachment Disorders: A Comprehensive Guide

Children with disorganized attachment disorder have difficulty developing close bonds because they are unable to communicate how they feel or show signs of empathy. Their behavior is often irritable and aggressive, with a lack of control over emotions. They might also have mood swings, which can be triggered by anxiety or depression.

Children with insecure attachment have a tough time trusting others and are highly distressed when their caregivers leave them. They might also be clingy with other people and act overly familiar with strangers. A child who has insecure-avoidant attachment may be ambivalent about closeness, exhibiting fearful or angry behaviors when comfort is offered.