African Safari Hunting

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African safaris in namibia is an enthralling experience unrivaled anyplace else on Earth for those wanting to hunt a vast array of game species and witness century-old hunting customs. From hunting plains game in South Africa to pursuing cape buffalo and elephant on the wild frontier, african safari hunting has something for everyone.

Safari Escapes: Exploring Namibia’s Natural Beauty

The vast majority of hunters book safaris in the southern African nations of Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa because of their accessibility and affordability for a wide variety of hunting experience levels. These nations have huge wilderness regions and healthy populations of dangerous game.

On the other hand, there are plenty of hunters that want to experience a safari more like it was back in the day. These are the hunters that book a hunt in a country such as Tanzania or Zimbabwe, with the aim of taking an animal like a leopard. This type of hunt is referred to as “wild” hunting and there are many outfitters in these countries that offer this style of hunt.

These wild hunts generally offer a more authentic experience with hunters camping out in the bush for weeks at a time and preying upon genuinely wild animals. The problem is that the success rate of these safaris is very low and they often generate a lot of bad press.

Then there are the specialty animals like the termite-eating aardvark and the wolf-like brown hyena, as well as the kudu, steenbok, oribi, nyala, gemsbok/oryx, and the elusive reedbuck that make for truly unusual conversation pieces in a trophy room. They also add a real physical challenge to the hunt, especially when they are nocturnal and require stalking or baiting at night.

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