Body Rafting in the Gole Alcantara

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Body rafting in gole alcantara

The Alcantara Gorge is a natural wonder in Italy. This gorge flows into the valley of Alcantara and creates a natural beauty unlike any other. The river, which is also a waterfall, feeds the gorge. The canyon walls are up to 30 meters high, and it’s not uncommon to see people climbing and sliding. Those who love to float on the water will love the challenge of Body rafting gole alcantara.

Why Need to Body Rafting in the Gole Alcantara

Body rafting is a fun and adventurous activity for all ages. Guests are provided with wetsuits and helmets, as well as other gear. In addition to this, they should have some physical fitness, be in the adventure mood, and have a positive outlook. The adrenaline rush they get while rafting will make it all worth it. In the Gole Alcantara, you can find all of this and more.

Getting to the gorges is the first step. A group of participants will be prepared for the trip, and the guide will ensure their safety. The Alcantara River averages ten degrees Celsius, but it can reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A safety check is performed at the beginning of the tour, and the experience is usually followed by a traditional Sicilian lunch. The best part is that there are no special requirements for the rafting equipment.

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