What You Need to Know About Tree Removal on Private Property

Whether you have a tall tree in need of trimming or you want to remove a large tree from your property, there are several things to consider. A professional service is the best bet. It will be able to assess the height and condition of the tree and give you an estimate of the cost. Click here

What happens to tree roots when a tree is cut down?

If you do decide to go it alone, be sure to use the right equipment. Loose limbs can cause serious injury. Also, be sure to clear away all obstructions.

There are some special rules and regulations governing the removal of trees on private properties. Some states, like California, prohibit the felling of significant trees, while others have a permit system. Regardless of what you are doing, it is important to read up on the laws and rules of the land.

In some cases, a tree may be considered a nuisance or an eyesore. In these cases, the City Forester can enter private property to trim or remove the tree.

As a general rule, a tree is considered a nuisance if it is blocking the view of a neighbor’s yard or other property. You may also have to pay a fee to have it removed. The most reputable companies have insurance coverage to protect you and your property should something go wrong.

Although the laws pertaining to tree removal on private property vary from state to state, there are no hard and fast rules. For instance, removing a fruit tree is a tricky proposition. So you should consult with an arborist first.



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