Child Car Safety Seats and Booster Seats

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child car safety

A scaune auto copii seat or booster seat is a vehicle safety device designed to protect kids from injury or death in a car crash. Using a seat that fits properly, and having kids sit in the back seat instead of front seats, helps reduce injuries in cars. Kids in car crashes are much more likely to die when they’re not wearing a seat belt or in a seat that doesn’t fit well, or have the seat installed improperly. Car seat laws and regulations vary by state, but all children should ride in the back seat if possible.

A certified child passenger safety technician, or CPST, can help parents choose the best seat for their child’s age and size, and make sure it is installed correctly. There are CPSTs available in many communities, through local health departments, hospitals, and public safety agencies.

Car Seat Safety for Grandparents and Caregivers

FPs can also provide a valuable service by helping patients understand the importance of using a car seat, and by encouraging them to visit a local CPST for a free inspection. They can also help their patients register their child seats, check for recalls, and learn more about preventing hot cars and other safety tips.

In the United States, there are child safety seat and booster seat laws in all states. However, a gap exists in how well these laws are enforced, with some infants and children not covered by either car seat or booster seat laws. Airbag safety is another important issue; if a child rides in the front seat when an airbag deploys, it can hit them in the face or neck and cause serious or fatal injury.

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