Choosing a Jewelry Manufacturer in Thailand

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jewelry manufacturer in Thailand

The Spokes Jewelry Services Limited is a Bangkok-based jewelry manufacturing company that offers a wide range of services, including custom design services, virtual prototyping, sampling, and quality control. Another Bangkok-based jewelry manufacturer in Thailand, Oregems, specializes in gold and diamond jewelry and works with leading jewelry designers and a team of skilled craftsmen. Their aim is to help the industry grow and flourish while preserving its rich cultural heritage.

Thailand Jewelry Manufacturers

If you’re considering opening a jewelry manufacturing business in Thailand, you should consider the country’s long history in the art of fine jewelry making. Thailand has more than 200 years of jewelry-making tradition and the art of making it is a symbol of affluence and social status. In fact, Thailand prides itself on its quality fashion jewelry, and a number of gem and jewelry fairs are held annually to celebrate the country’s unique arts. One of these events is the Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Fair, which has become a catalyst for the Thailand wholesale jewelry market.

Other companies that have been producing high-quality, fine jewelry in Thailand for many years include the Thai Gems Import-Exports Ltd., S.S.R. Manufacturing Co., and Yiee Nien Gems (Thailand).

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