Electrical Test & Tag

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Electrical Test & Tag is an important part of workplace safety remote area group. All equipment that has been plugged in or connected to electricity must be tested and tagged for safety. These inspections are conducted by a qualified electrician to minimize the risk of injury. They also ensure that electrical equipment is in good condition and working properly. There are different types of tests that need to be performed, depending on the type of equipment and the workplace. In most cases, electrical test and tag will last between three and six months.

Electrical Test & Tag Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Electrical Test  Tag

The Test & Tag process involves checking the electrical equipment for compliance with safety regulations. This process involves a thorough inspection of the equipment and a thorough electrical test by a Portable Appliance Testing Instrument (PAT). The tags are colour coded to identify the current rating. In case of a faulty electrical item, a person can also file a complaint to the Australian Standards Association (ASQA). The ASQA standard requires contractors to follow the Code and AS/NZS 3012:2010.

The Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760 2010 Standard is the minimum requirement for all states and territories. It is considered the bible of electrical testing and tagging. The interval between testing and tagging is referred to as the test and tag frequency. The Australian Standard sets the interval between these two services. If these requirements are not followed, the electrical equipment can cause damage or malfunction. This testing is an important part of electrical equipment maintenance and safety.

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