Frame Shop Brisbane – An Experience You Will Remember For Years to Come

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frame shop brisbane

If you’re looking for a little piece of Australia’s history and culture, visit the Frame Shop Brisbane. This historic site in Brisbane’s Southbank Parklands is the perfect place to find some amazing antiques, vintage items, and find the perfect gift or souvenir. The shop is run by Peter Collier, who started the business in 1903. He began his passion for collecting antique items while he was studying at the University of Queensland. His love for collecting has blossomed into an extensive collection that now features more than one hundred pieces of art, including a statue of King George IV. You can spend hours just browsing through this vast collection, no matter what your interests are.


On most days, you can find something new and interesting at this historic establishment. You can even take in the performances of the local street performers. On Saturdays, the shop hosts a charity screening of a movie followed by a live band performance. It’s a fun and fascinating way to spend your Saturday afternoon. In addition to the movie, they will also be showing some of their other great films, and you can come to the movie after-the-performance to enjoy the rest of the evening.


If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can take the family to the Sculpture Garden. In this garden, kids can create a replica of any type of ancient statue. If you want to add a little bit of your own personality into the project, you can purchase clay right from the frame shop to decorate the statue. There are many different types of clay available to choose from. After you’ve used it in your project, you’ll find that it’s always a wonderful way to end a day at the spa.

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