Fulfilment Centres – Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your eCommerce Logistics to a Fulfilment Centre

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Imagine your ecommerce brand is expanding into the UK market and your order volume is growing. The packages start to pile up, and the logistics management process is becoming an overwhelming bottleneck for you and your team. This is why it’s a great idea to consider outsourcing your logistics to a fulfillment center uk.

Ogden Fulfilment is a large warehouse-like building where 3pl (3rd party logistics) fulfilment companies take on the logistical tasks of receiving, processing, packaging, and shipping eCommerce orders from retailers to their customers. This alleviates the burden of eCommerce CEOs and their teams of managing these essential and challenging logistics processes themselves, giving them more time to focus on other areas of their business.

The Role of Fulfilment Centers in UK E-commerce Growth

Unlike conventional warehouses, a fulfilment centre specializes in picking – putting together and packing items to ship – rather than storage on a long-term basis. The shorter the products remain in a fulfillment centre, the better, as this reduces the amount of costly storage space used.

While some 3pls outsource their fulfillment centers to other companies, some like Quivo operate their own fulfillment centers in the US, Australia, and Europe. This network of locations allows brands to unify their logistics services across the globe while reducing the costs and risks associated with cross-border shipping. By using the same software in all their fulfillment centers, merchants can also track real-time fulfillment KPIs and inventory levels from one dashboard. Learn more about Quivo’s global fulfillment network here.

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