How Does a Level Measurement Transmitter Work?

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A leak detection and leak control testing equipment are the most critical aspect in the entire leak detection process. With this equipment, there is a real need to make sure that no leak can occur. The testing of this kind of equipment is not only for detecting leaks but also for checking the proper functioning of all the equipment installed in the plant. A level measurement transmitter is usually used in detecting soil moisture levels and soil conditions of different regions inside the plant. For this reason, a lot of attention is given to the proper installation of the transmitter with the monitoring of the soil moisture levels as well. SEMRAD.

Level Measurement Transmitter

The detection and leak testing equipment together perform these important tasks for the overall protection of the plant from any leakage. However, it must be made sure that no other low-level transmitter is used in case of a detected leak. In most cases, the level measurement transmitter is connected to a surface-based receiver and the communication between the two is done through a data cable or RFID. To detect any leakage in the plant, a continuous RFID data stream is transmitted to the base station of the SEMRAD.

This way, the level measurement transmitter can quickly detect any leak and correct it automatically. It is very important to use a base station when monitoring because it can continuously track the soil moisture and soil condition of the entire area of concern. In this way, a very informative report can be generated at regular intervals so that an area can be regularly monitored for any kind of leakage. The base station can be made more effective by including a data logger in the system so that any abnormal activity can be easily observed. This way, the area can be properly monitored for any potential threat and to prevent any unnecessary loss of production in that area.

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