How to Get an ETA for Canada

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If you are going to Canada for business or pleasure, you can apply for an ETA. This is a form of online travel authorization that links directly to your passport. However, it does have certain limitations. It cannot be used to permanently move to Canada or engage in paid activities while you are in the country. Also, you cannot travel to Canada without a valid Canadian visa.

Danish Nationals Traveling to Canada

You will need to have an eTA if you plan on taking air travel to Canada. You can easily get one online, and the approval process is quick. You will need to submit the application for yourself and your spouse and children. The approval time is usually within 24 hours, and you can pay for the eTA online using a credit card.

The process of getting an eta for canada is much faster than the traditional visa process. Generally, you will only have to submit a few documents, and you can obtain it within a couple of hours. It is best to apply for your eTA a few days before your planned trip. Once issued, your eTA will be valid for five years. While this is not the same as a passport, it will be accepted by immigration officials in Canada.

Your ETA application for Canada will be processed by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. While most Canada eTA applications will be processed within minutes, some may take more time. The IRCC will send you an email with instructions if your application requires further processing.

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