How to Get Rid of Spam Comments on Instagram

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How to get rid of spam comments on instagram? Spam comments on instagram can be a real headache for any Instagram user. It is important to understand why these comments happen so you can take steps to protect your account from them.

Why is Instagram marking my comment as spam?

One reason why spam comments can occur is that bots may get triggered by a certain word or phrase in your caption. For example, if you include the hashtag #nike in a photo, spammers who are looking for shoe sales will be automatically notified and may begin commenting on your photos. In order to prevent this, it is best to use more specific hashtags that will be less likely to trigger a bot.

Another way spam comments can be prevented is by adjusting your Instagram settings. This can be done by going to your profile and selecting the “Settings and Privacy” option. From here you can select the “Comments” option and hide words that you don’t want to see on your posts. This will help to filter out spam and allow you to focus on responding to authentic messages from your followers.

Deleting spam comments and blocking the users who make them is also a good way to protect your account from spammers. This can be done through the Instagram website or using a tool like NapoleonCat. When a spam comment is made, the automated action taken by NapoleonCat will delete the comment, block the user, and send a private message to the account owner. This will eliminate the need to manually go through and delete spam, saving you time and effort.

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