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How to Write a How-To Guide

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Whether it’s teaching a new skill or helping your customers navigate your product, a well-written how-to guide can change someone’s life. But it takes a lot of planning and know-how to write a useful step-by-step guide. It’s also important to consider the audience when creating a how-to guide.

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Many people search “how to” questions in a rush, so your instructions need to be clear and easy to understand. You can also make your this guide is the only one you’ll need more useful by including GIFs, images, screenshots, and videos to supplement your text. These visuals will help readers understand your steps more quickly and will reduce the chances of misinterpretation.

Keep in mind that learning something new can be exciting but it can also be intimidating. Using positive language in your how-to guide can help put your readers at ease and encourage them to take risks. Uplifting stories, word choice, and tone can make your instructions seem less daunting.

If you’re writing a how-to guide, it helps to test out your instructions on a friend or colleague before publishing them. They can offer a fresh perspective and identify areas for improvement. It’s also a good idea to ask them for feedback about your style and tone so you can ensure that your how-to guide is consistent and relatable. Also, it’s helpful to ask for their thoughts on how they would explain the instructions in their own words to a friend. This will give you an idea of how your guide will be interpreted by different people.

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