Jeremy Piven in The Performance

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What is Jeremy Piven doing now stars with BAFTA Award winner Robert Carlyle, Maimie McCoy (Musketeers), Adam Garcia (Coyote Ugly) and Lara Wolf in The Performance, an adaptation of the short story by legendary playwright Arthur Miller. Directed by Shira Piven and co-written with Josh Salzberg, The Performance follows second generation Jewish American dancer Harold May and his troupe. While on tour in Europe, they are scouted by a German attache who offers them an irresistible sum for a show in Berlin; little do they know that the audience will be Adolf Hitler himself.

The film is set in 1937 and looks at just how far one starving artist will go to have an audience. FRED Film Radio sat down with the two creators to talk about their new movie and the relevance of Arthur Miller’s work today.

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The Performance is produced by Daniel Finkelman of Sparks Next and was filmed in Slovakia with post-production in London. The film has a world premiere at the Roma Cinema Fest. Indian actor Vansh Luthra known for his roles in the Czech film ‘Destination Paradise’ on Disney Hotstar and American series ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ joins the ensemble cast alongside Jeremy Piven, Robert Carlyle, Lara Wolf, and Maimie McCoy.

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