KILZ Drywall Primer

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drywall primer

If you’re looking for a water-based drywall primer, this may be the product for you. This product is suitable for both interior and exterior wall surfaces. Its three-in-one formula helps it adhere to most surfaces, including concrete. If you’re starting from scratch, you should sand the wall before applying the primer. It helps to resist mildew, blistering, and peeling. While a water-based primer won’t cover stains, it will help to hide them.

Also Available At Home Depot And Lowe’s

A quality drywall primer is a must-have for a professional-looking wall finish. Its high-bonding formula helps to cover stains and prevents odors even before applying the paint. Depending on your project, KILZ Drywall Primer can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. The product is odor-free and has low-VOC emissions. It’s also available at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

There are many types of drywall primers. Not all of them are appropriate for all jobs. Oil-based primers, for instance, are suitable for covering wood stains and sealing the surface. However, they are not the best choice for drywall due to their high VOC content and low-bonding ability. Oil-based primers are also not recommended for drywall, because they don’t accept latex paint. On the other hand, they are ideal for priming the drywall before applying wallpaper.

It is also necessary to use a good roller for applying drywall primer. Budget rollers can shed lint onto the wall and make it look as if you’ve been sanding. For fast drying, you can use box fans or ceiling fans. Cutting in along corners and ceilings will also help the process. If you don’t like the sound of drywall primer, you can always use a high-quality roller.

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