Orthodontist Langley – Why Straight Teeth Are Good For You

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orthodontist langley

Having straight teeth not only makes for an attractive smile but it also benefits your overall health. Crowded or misaligned teeth are harder to clean, more prone to chipping and decay and can lead to jaw problems. Orthodontic treatments can correct these problems as well as addressing speech, chewing and biting issues. URL https://www.gloworthodontics.ca/langley

Aly Kanani, a well-known  langley, has been changing people’s lives with his braces and Invisalign treatment for over 17 years. He has treated thousands of patients in Surrey, Langley and Greater Vancouver BC — and his work has been published in the premiere orthodontic journal in North America.

When you see your orthodontist, he or she will perform a thorough exam of your smile. This will include a medical and dental history and an X-ray of your head and mouth. You will also have castings, or “molds” made of your teeth that will be used for planning your treatment.

Unlocking Your Best Smile: Navigating Orthodontic Care in Langley

After treatment has finished, you may choose to wear removable retainers. However, it is best to get fixed retainers in order to avoid relapse of the alignment. These thin wires are bonded to the back of your teeth where they are hidden from view and will help keep your smile beautiful for life.

Misaligned teeth are more difficult to brush and floss which leads to increased bacteria build-up in the mouth causing gum disease. The good news is that orthodontic treatments can correct these problems as well as reducing the risk of future dental surgery.

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