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The Jaguar E-Type Lightweights

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When Jaguar’s E-Type debuted in Geneva in 1961 Enzo Ferrari called it “the most beautiful car ever made”. That was a bold statement and something to which Jaguar’s leadership would have to take a very good look at themselves.

A few years later the XK’s leadership had to face up to a very different world – one where emissions regulations, and more importantly Jaguar’s future export market prospects required a more economical engine than the 3.8 litre XK straight six. They decided to move to a V8 engine design based on the Edward Turner designed unit which was already used in their Daimler products. Find out

While the V8 was not perfect it certainly offered a better power/weight ratio and was more suitable for North American markets. The V8 also had the advantage of being able to run on regular unleaded fuel. So Jaguar built 18 Lightweight E-Type cars – 12 fixed head and two convertibles. They were built in the same year (February 1963) as the original Low Drag Coupe prototypes – and used the lessons learned to build them with lightweight aluminium bodywork and a stripped down interior.

E-Type Reimagined: Reviving the Spirit of the Iconic Jaguar

They were officially referred to as Series 1.5 cars by Jaguar but the enthusiast fraternity took it upon themselves to christen them E-Type Lightweights. They are now the most sought after of all E-Types and as with any classic car buying an example will only increase in value if it’s well cared for. It is however a good idea to get it assessed by a specialist who has experience of these cars and can give you the cold, heartless evaluation that can save you from getting your fingers burnt in the long run.

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