Water Tower Mixing Systems, Thermal Stratification and Water Tank Maintenance

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Water Tower Mixing Systems, Thermal Stratification and Water Tank Maintenance

A couple of years water tower mixing services | Bluefusion back, I was talking to a water storage tanks salesman about the importance of using water tower mixing systems at the plant. The water storage tanks that we were discussing had recently been replaced with new stainless steel tanks, and this was good, because we all know how corrosive corrodes the steel. And, it was also good because all of the dirt and rust and grease that typically accumulates on stainless steel water tanks can be sucked right out of the tank walls by using the proper equipment. But, there was one problem, and I almost moved on from it.


The water storage tanks in use at the plant previously did not have thermal stratification baffle systems installed. As you might expect, since this type of baffle was never made for water towers, it simply contributed nothing whatsoever to the safety of the filling process. In fact, many water storage tanks that were built before this type of baffle system had to be demolished because they simply did not work – and then rebuilt because the owners did not want to pay the costs of the demolition and rebuilding. And in the end, what happened was this:


You see, water tower mixing systems need to be monitored and their use regulated by qualified personnel, and this includes the water tank maintenance. In the past, when workers in the plant were performing routine maintenance, they would remove the outer cover, remove the water tank, and clean the inside of the water tanks. They might even use some kind of mechanical device to agitate the water within the tank, which would loosen any stubborn buildup of rust and grease. This certainly didn’t remove any potential dangers, and there was always the risk that the water would begin to leak or corrode from the inside out. No, now we need the thermal stratification baffles, as well as the water tank maintenance.

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