What is the Lookup IP Address Tool?

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The lookup IP address tool is a tool that lets users identify the location associated with an IP address. This is important for many applications such as tracking hacking and spammers, identifying network problems and ensuring compliance with regional regulations.

The tool works by querying and testing the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) database and providing detailed information about the network block used to route the IP address, which is often referred to as the geolocation of the IP address. This is usually the city, state and country that the IP address resides in. The tool also often provides details about the ISP, web hosting or server provider that is responsible for the network block and the contact information for reporting abuse.

Best Tools to Lookup IP Addresses

An IP address is the unique identifier for each device and network connection over the internet. It is a crucial component of the global networks that connect us online and allows for the transparency, traceability and accountability we depend on.

An IP address can reveal a lot about the person or device that is connecting to the network, including geolocation, ISP, proxies and VPNs. However, this information is considered public knowledge and any lookup tools that derive information from it are legal and GDPR compliant.

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