Old Electric Cars for Sale

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When it comes to electric cars, new models are bringing in the latest technology. But there’s also a lot to like about buying used.

EVs tend to hold their value in the resale market due to reduced demand, one-time tax credits, and the fact that they don’t depreciate as quickly as gasoline cars. This means that buyers can get a car with more range for less money. Resource: ev.com

However, it’s important to do your homework when shopping for an EV. Check with the manufacturer by phone or online to see if any warranty coverage remains for the battery, as that’s usually the most expensive part of the vehicle and is subject to degradation over time. Also, ask the seller to have the car charged up to its maximum operating range before you drive it, as the manufacturer’s website usually lists this information.

Electrify Your Collection: Old Electric Cars Available

Even though older EVs may not be able to match the 310 miles or more that many of today’s models can travel on a full charge, they can still provide plenty of range for commuting and running errands in most markets. In addition, they’re cheaper to purchase and operate than traditional cars.

Another plus is that many of these older models can qualify for carpool lane passes, which could save commuters big money. However, it’s worth mentioning that you will likely inherit the wear and tear of a previous owner when purchasing a used EV. Be sure to budget for any unexpected maintenance expenses.

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